About - TechWears Ltd


Rescuing circuit boards from a toxic death!

TechWears gives recycled electronics one last upgrade by upcycling them into unique fashion and jewelry accessories. Known for their signature line of circuit board ties, TechWears is building connections between tech, fashion, electronic waste, and manufacturing. This unlikely mash up has resulted in an award winning product line that is strongly rooted in sustainability.

TechWears products are known to make people smile and they are a lot of fun, but our founding mission statement is, “Advancing conscious consumption through beautiful wearable tech.” We like to think that our products cultivate hope for new ways of using technology, designing products, and curbing unnecessary consumption. Whether that means working with partner organizations to advance Right to Repair Legislation, fundraising for students in STEAM Education, or cleaning up illegal ewaste dumps in exploited communities around the Globe, we see no shortage of opportunity to make impact as we grow. For now, we know that upcycling one Circuit Board Tie displaces about one Coke Can worth of CO2 equivalent from the environment. It’s not much, but it is a start!

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